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Dear Becky & Staff:

Thank you for understanding my situation and extending my payments. Dan & I get excited and can't wait for Eric to come and visit us each year. We can't say enough about your meats etc...to all our friends and families. I spoke to eric and told him thank you and see ya next year.
Again, thank you so very much!!

Sincerely yours,

Sheila & Daniel, Iowa


I recently had to contact Iowa Steak because I couldn't get in touch with the rep that I bought my past order from. I was wanting to exchange some of the steaks due to them being too tough. However, the rep I purchased the steaks from no longer works for iowa Steak. Within an hour of my email to Customer Service I was contacted by Abbie at your Concord, NC warehouse. Abbie put me in touch with Sid, the warehouse manager. I would like to pass on a job well done. Abbie was on top of getting in touch with me, I was very surprised at how fast she sent off an email to me to get everything taken care of. Again, my hats off to Abbie and Sid of Concord, NC. I look forward to the next time I need to buy some more steaks from Iowa Steak.

Satisfied customer,

Jason T., North Carolina


I just wanted to say that one of your drivers by the name of Joe Olinger came by and picked up our meat due to the email I sent on 2/8/2011. He appeared to be very tired and came around 8:30 p.m. and I could tell he had a very long hard day but he was still very respectful and nice to me. He helped me with every question I had. I know not many people compliment on your drivers but i wanted to let you know I thank him for his time and respect that he treated me with. I was hoping this was not a scam that some man pulled on me off the road and now I know you stand by your word because you have done so for what was supposed to be done. he informed me I would be reimbursed for 5 boxes of steak in 7 to 14 business days by a check in the mail. There is a website that talks badly about your company and how they can never get you guys to answer the phone or reimburse them their money but rest assured I make sure and tell everyone to read the positive things about your company and not just the negative.


Catherine M., Oklahoma


Hello, I just wanted to commend your employee, Joel, the warehouse manager at your Michigan store. We needed to return a recent purchase and Joel came out promtly to provide a full refund. He was professional, pleasant and informative and is certainly a wonderful representative for your company. If he is an example of iowa Steak company, while we did need to return this particular purchase, he impressed me enough to give your product another try an another time.

You should be very proud to have him represent your company. (I felt compelled to write, as I wasn't expecting the "return" experience to go this well, and was so pleasantly surprised at how iowa Steak responded to our need to return the meat, and in particular, how pleasant Joel was in picking up the meat and tendering our refund.)

Tracie E., Royal Oak, MI


Yours is a great company with an excellent manager in the Fargo office. We were missing two steaks and he (Jan, Jon Jackel?) came to my door and delivered the steaks!! I am so impressed with how he handled customer service that I will buy from you again. He deserves either a raise or a day off with pay.

Lois M., North Dakota

Why Iowa Steak?

Q: How is Iowa Steak's meat different than other companies?
A: Our meat has 30 to 40% less bone and fat. We discard the waste for you!